I often look back on the pictures of how Bells Farm looked when we first bought it in 2016 and wonder how we managed to restore the building with the same vision we had at first scribbled on a piece of paper.


I am a true believer in visualisation and imagining something so vividly that it one day becomes real.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without hard work, determination, elbow grease and financial planning, but we did it.  It’s real!


Having a blank canvas to plan our perfect kitchen started with the end in mind. Asking ourselves questions like…


What did we want from our home?

How would we imagine our friends and family being able to enjoy it with us?

What do I need, and where, to make it seamless in function?

What do I want to be able to see while I’m cooking?

And how can we make it inclusive of everyone?

As you can see from this picturesof me pretending to whisk my imaginary Yorkshire Puddings (yep I was considered a bit loony at this point), I took this planning stage very seriously and began to immerse myself in what it would feel like once we were living in this completed space.


I wanted to be able to see the full extent of the garden from where I was standing, knowing that if it was a lovely day, everyone would be enjoying the outside space while I was indoors.  It made sense to have as much of the facing wall built in glass with doors that would open the full length, bringing the outside in.

Which then led us to create an extension of the kitchen into an outdoor BBQ area so that I could have the choice of where I cook and make the most of the summer months, entertaining outside.


It’s from here that not only do we enjoy spending time with our loved ones, but where I create my video tutorials and deliver my online cooking lessons.


I am so passionate about the enjoyment of food and how it brings people together that I will find almost any excuse to create a scenario in which to indulge.



We have since added composite decking that allows a flush platform linking the kitchen to garden even further.  Given the situation that faced us all in 2020 with COVID19 our outdoor spaces are even more important and so we continue to develop our alfresco space into 2021.


The moral of the story is … if you believe hard enough, then THOUGHTS can become THINGS !